12 Week Shred Program​

What You Get With 12 Week Shred

Dr. Harte’s 12 WEEK SHRED uses cutting edge science to help clients retrain their nervous system from the ground up. Specifically, the program empowers clients to activate the stabilizing muscles in low level positions before dynamic weight bearing exercise begins. That way, clients have a feedback loop between brain and body that commands the correct muscles to fire and support them throughout functional movement patterns. According to the latest research on biomechanics, progressive nervous system activation is the glue that holds the inherently unstable segments together to set the tone for not just optimal movement but injury prevention. It from this place that real stability, strength, power, and coordination is built.


Learn how to activate your nervous system so that key stabilizing muscles are primed and ready for the strength training phase.

Basic Strength

Target and strengthen specific muscle groups in an informed and bio mechanically effective way.

Dynamic Strength & Conditioning

Take your workouts to the next level by combining your newfound knowledge from Levels 1&2 into these fun and efficient total body HIIT workouts.


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