Nutrition Counseling


Nothing rocked Samantha Harte’s world more than the weight gain of her second pregnancy. She was sure it would fall off like it did after her first born, but, she was stuck at 160 pounds. They say pain is the touchstone of spiritual growth. Well, Samantha was so uncomfortable at this weight that she decided to commit to healthy eating like never before. She worked with a registered dietician and discussed food preferences, dislikes, and emotional triggers. From there, she worked with the dietitian to create a roadmap for healthy and enjoyable eating. What grew from there was the desire to know more. What was the ideal resting metabolic rate? How many calories should be burned through movement? What resulted was a deep understanding of what her body needed to be the most fit and strong it’s ever been (two C-sections later). If you’ve always wanted more muscle and less fat while eating quick and delicious meals, then this process can change your life.

Let’s use science and pair it with the reality of your busy life to finally look and more importantly, feel the way you’ve always wanted to.


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