The Truth About Addiction Podcast‚Äč

My Sister’s Overdose

The incomprehensible journey through grief, loss, forgiveness and joy.

Boundaries with the Addict

How do we establish AND set boundaries with a loved one who is sick?

Intuition versus fear

How can we come to know and trust the "right" voice inside of us?

Control as the true DRUG OF CHOICE

How the desire to control our inner worlds and the people, places and things in our outer worlds actually reduces serenity and increases stress.

Body Image In Recovery

Can we fall in love with the body we have instead of being at war with it?

Romance in Recovery

How the hell do we date, dine, dance and divorce SOBER? Good lord help us all.

How Do We Define Addiction?

What It Looks and Feels Like in the Body AND the Mind

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