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Body Image In Recovery

Can we fall in love with the body we have instead of being at war with it?

Episode Description

Welcome back to another episode of the truth about addiction and living sober.  Today’s episode explores body image in recovery and the raw, honest truth about how trauma, upbringing, hardwiring, and habits plays into that relationship.   Dr. David Wiss, PhD, leads us through this discussion as a Registered Dietician and expert on nutrition as it pertains to the gut microbiome, brain health and and the intersection between food and mental well being.  The conversation is raw, real, and refreshing for men AND women who struggle with the unrelenting beauty and body standard.

For more information on Dr. Wiss, check out his bio below:

David became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) in 2013 and founded Nutrition in Recovery, a group practice of RDNs specializing in the treatment of eating and substance use disorders. In 2017, David received the “Excellence in Practice” award at the national Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo. The California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics awarded him the “Emerging Dietetic Leader Award” in 2020.

He earned his PhD from UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health in the Community Health Sciences department (with a minor in Health Psychology) by investigating the links between adverse childhood experiences and various mental health outcomes among socially disadvantaged men.

His treatment philosophy is based on a biopsychosocial model which incorporates an understanding of biological mechanisms, psychological underpinnings, and contextual factors that integrate the social determinants of health. His website Wise Mind Nutrition provides information at the intersection of nutrition and mental health.

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