STRONG MAMA is a fitness program designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and mom of two for women who WANT a baby, are PREGNANT, are POSTPARTUM or have CHILDREN . Finally, there is a 12 week program with 9 workouts that help women repair, restore and reconnect with their strong and beautiful bodies. Whether you want children, are pregnant or have children, Dr. Harte believes that women need and deserve way more support and guidance with what their bodies go through. The idea that we can “return to normal exercise” after 6 weeks is unacceptable for the magnitude of what we endure. Over 12 weeks, Samantha coaches women through 9 exercise programs that begin by activating the nervous system and then progress into building endurance in the deep stabilizers and pelvic floor and gaining functional strength from the center of the body out. When women support other women, nothing is more powerful. Samantha believes we must stand beside each other and accept nothing less than excellent care for our bodies, minds and spirits.

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